Gaga brouhaha proves that 'hard-line groups' run this country:muslim scholar - Rechargeable LED Floodlight

JAKARTA - The US pop diva Lady Gaga's scheduled concert fiascoproves that certain hard-line groups have been successfully pushinglocal authorities to meet their demands, indirectly controlling thenation, a Muslim scholar says. Rector of the Syarif Hidayatullah Islamic State UniversityKomaruddin Hidayat told The Jakarta Post that certain groups withinsociety had successfully influenced the government to interveneagainst Indonesian's freedom of expression, adding that authoritiesshould have protected it. "This is a setback and a pathetic situation in which we find thepublic sphere where Indonesians should be able to expressthemselves without restraint in fact faces intervention from onecommunity that has become a powerful force in this nation," he saidWednesday morning. He added that while hard-liner groups had pressured theauthorities, several members of the government apparently hadrelented to their demands, saying that it was a "politicallycorrect" move to do. SMD LED Tube
"This situation proves that there are fraudulent officials thathave been using the hard-liner groups to further their ownpolitical interests," he said. Komaruddin was responding to the National Police's refusal to issuepermits to Lady Gaga's Jakarta concert. The Police claimed that the eccentric singer "does not resemble thecountry's local culture." Lady Gaga is slated to perform at the Bung Karno Stadium inSenayan, Central Jakarta on June 3. The singer, known for her pop songs such as "Poker Face" and "BadRomance", has sparked strong opposition from groups such as theIndonesian Ulema Council (MUI), Islam Defenders Front (FPI), UnitedDevelopment Party (PPP) and the Islamic People's Forum (FUI). Rechargeable LED Floodlight
MUI and FUI sent a letter to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyonorequesting him to consider rejecting the concert's permit. In 2007, American R&B diva Beyonce was scheduled to perform inMalaysia, a predominantly Muslim country, but the concert wascancelled because the sexy songster refused to abide by thenation's so-called "decent" dress-code for women. The Kuala Lumpur concert's cancellation turned out to be Jakarta'sgain, because the diva decided to stop in the capital of thebiggest Southeast Asian economy instead. In 2012, however, it was Indonesia's law enforcement agencies thatdenied issuing a permit for Gaga's concert in Jakarta. LED Ceiling Panel Light
Komaruddin refused to comment on the changing situation butaffirmed that the hard-liner groups were better off "fightingcorruption practices" than disrupting Indonesians' freedom ofexpression.

‘self-managing’ copd might pose risks, study suggests - Outdoor LED Flood Lights Manufacturer

People getting comprehensive education had higher death risk,researchers found. By Serena Gordon HealthDay Reporter MONDAY, May 14 (HealthDay News) -- In a finding that seemscounterintuitive, a new study revealed that people with chronicobstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) were more likely to die afterreceiving comprehensive education and self-management tools. "The comprehensive care management program was associated withunanticipated excess mortality," wrote study authors Dr. VincentFan, of the Veterans Affairs Puget Sound Health Care System inSeattle, and colleagues. They added that this finding differedsignificantly from previous studies done on self-management inCOPD.
And, the program used in the study also failed to decreaseCOPD-related hospitalizations. The results are published in the May 15 online issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine . COPD refers to either emphysema or chronic bronchitis. Theseprogressive lung diseases are usually caused by cigarette smoking,and make it harder and harder to breathe as they get worse.
COPDcauses the production of mucus, which leads to coughing, shortnessof breath and wheezing, according to the U.S. National Heart, Lung,and Blood Institute. Symptoms can get worse very quickly,particularly after an infection, and these disease exacerbations(flare-ups) often result in the need to be hospitalized, accordingto background information in the journal. Findings from several previous studies suggested that educatingCOPD patients and helping them design emergency plans could helpreduce the number of hospitalizations. T8 LED Tubes
The current study included 426 people being treated for COPD at oneof 20 Veterans Affairs hospital-based outpatient clinics. The studyvolunteers were almost all male (about 97 percent), and about nineof 10 were white. About half were married, and most had graduatedfrom high school and attended some college or vocational school.Just under 30 percent were still smoking. The intervention group had 209 people, while the usual-care grouphad 217. Outdoor LED Flood Lights Manufacturer
The study intervention consisted of four individual 90-minuteweekly educational sessions. These sessions included an assessmentof that person's COPD, including their current medications and whattriggered exacerbations for them. Participants received a written,individualized action plan that included the steps they needed totake when their COPD flared up. They were taught how to recognizethe symptoms of a flare, and they were given daily COPD managementadvice. LED High Bay Lighting
They were also given prescriptions for prednisone (asteroid anti-inflammatory medication) and an antibiotic. Case managers were available every day to answer any questions byphone. The study volunteers were instructed to call in if they hadto initiate treatment based on their written plan. Researchers alsocalled to check in on the volunteers every two months. The one-year incidence of COPD hospitalizations was 27 percent inthe intervention group and 24 percent in the usual-care group.Twenty-eight people died in the intervention group versus 10 peoplein the usual-care group -- a three times higher risk of death,according to the study.
Due to safety concerns, the trial was stopped early. Theresearchers don't know why extra education and self-managementwould lead to an increased risk of death, however. "I'm not convinced that the intervention increased the risk ofdeath. It certainly was not expected, and other studies that havelooked at COPD and other diseases have found that people do wellwith these types of interventions," said Dr.
Jonathan Whiteson,director of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation at NYU Langone MedicalCenter in New York City. "If you flip a coin, the odds are 50-50 that you'll get heads. But,if you flip the coin 20 times, you might only get heads a fewtimes. But, if you keep flipping the coin, it will eventually evenout. That could be what was going on here.
If they hadn't stoppedthe study, it might have equaled out a little more," Whiteson said. He noted that because the study was predominantly in white males,it's difficult to extrapolate these findings to other populations. Dr. Thomas Aldrich, a pulmonologist at Montefiore Medical Center inNew York City, said, "It's really hard to imagine how this programcould be so toxic, and it's hard to explain why it happened." Aldrich said similar self-management programs like this have hadgood results in people with asthma. But, it's possible that there'san inherent difference in people with COPD, he noted.
"Most peoplewith COPD smoked, despite repeated health care warnings, so they'vealready demonstrated that they're not necessarily stronglyinfluenced by health care advice, and maybe that's part of theproblem," Aldrich said. Dr. Len Horovitz, an internist and pulmonologist at Lenox HillHospital in New York City, agreed that patient differences may haveplayed a role in this study's surprising findings. But he believesthat an individual's threshold for reporting symptoms may be what'sat play here. "The threshold at which a patient will report symptoms, even whencoached, is going to be quite variable.
A patient might feel thattheir symptoms aren't much worse, although a lung function testwould tell us they are. There's a lot of fear and denial forpatients. And, it's hard for a doctor to know ahead of time howstoic a patient is," Horovitz said. And, the problem with COPD is that symptoms can get worse veryquickly.
"When in doubt, report your symptoms to your doctor. Because COPDis chronic, you learn to live with a lot of the symptoms," Horovitzsaid. Whiteson agreed: "Come to me -- let me interpret what the symptomsmean. People with COPD can get very sick very quickly. We don'twant you to wait even a day," he said.
More information Learn more about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease from the U.S. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute . SOURCES: Jonathan Whiteson, M.D., director, cardiopulmonaryrehabilitation, NYU Langone Medical Center, New York City; LenHorovitz, M.D., internist and pulmonologist, Lenox Hill Hospital,New York City; Thomas Aldrich, M.D., pulmonologist, MontefioreMedical Center, and professor of medicine, Albert Einstein Collegeof Medicine, New York City; May 15, 2012, Annals of Internal Medicine , online Copyright © 2012 HealthDay . All rights reserved.

Uganda captures high-ranking lord's resistance army member - Rechargeable LED Floodlight Manufacturer

Caesar Acellam, considered the LRA's fourth-highest ranking member,was arrested by Ugandan forces in Central African Republic and wasflown Sunday to the South Sudanese headquarters of the regionalarmies hunting the LRA. "My coming out will have a big impact for the people still in thebush to come out and end this war soon," Acellam told reporters whowere taken to the Central African Republic to see the rebel incustody. The Ugandan army is leading a US-backed African Union force taskedwith capturing the LRA's leaders, several of whom are wanted forwar crimes by the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Acellam, aged 49, a tall man walking with a limp from an old wound,was flown to the base in the South Sudanese town of Nzara, at theborder with the Democratic Republic of Congo, for medical checkups. T8 LED Tubes
Acellam was captured Saturday and made available a day later at aUganda army camp to confirm his arrest following a brief firefightnear the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. "The general of the division, Caesar Acellam, who has fought in thejungle since 1984, is from now on in the hands of the UgandanArmy," Acellam told reporters, referring to himself in the thirdperson. The LRA's top three commanders are Okot Odhiambo, Dominic Ongwenand Kony. All are at large and wanted by the International CriminalCourt along with another man, Vincent Otti, who is however thoughtto be dead. Rechargeable LED Floodlight Manufacturer
"He's a big fish," Ugandan army spokesman Felix Kulayigye said ofAcellam, who was captured along with a Ugandan woman, a CentralAfrican teenager and a baby. None of them was hurt in the arrest. "The fact that Caesar Acellam is prisoner is a major step for ustowards ending the rebellion," Kulayigye said. Ugandan army units had reportedly waited in ambush for three weeksfor the rebel after they tracked his group of around 30 fighters,army sources said. However, Acellam split from his men a few days ago, for reasonsthat were not immediately clear. LED Recessed Ceiling Lights
He surrendered after the armyfired a few shots. Kony started his rebellion in northern Uganda more than two decadesago, but has since been chased to the jungles of neighbouringcentral African states. The LRA has since been wrecking havoc in the Central AfricanRepublic, South Sudan, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Kony's global notoriety soared over the past year through Internetvideo campaign "Kony 2012" which has been watched tens of millionsof times since it was posted online by the US advocacy groupInvisible Children. The video was criticised by some who said it oversimplified theroot causes of the LRA's devastating insurgency.
Kony is wanted by the ICC for rape, mutilation and murder ofcivilians, as well as forcibly recruiting children to serve assoldiers and sex slaves. A multi-national force, led by Uganda and helped by 100 US SpecialForces, has been chasing Kony in Uganda, Central African Republic,South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo. Joseph Balikudembe, commander in chief of the Uganda operation,recently said the combination of US military aid, the weakening ofthe LRA and Kampala's efforts in hunting them would lead to theirelimination. The ICC's chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo said on May 10 thatKony would be captured or killed this year, although he did notspecify why he felt the elusive rebel leader would finally befound. A day later, a top UN envoy said hunters were closing in on theAfrican guerilla leader who may now be in Darfur.

Weight-loss surgery may also help menstruation, skin, hair - T8 LED Tubes - China Outdoor LED Flood Lights

Hormonal benefits are gained from bariatric procedures, new studysuggests. By Mary Brophy Marcus HealthDay Reporter FRIDAY, May 11 (HealthDay News) -- Obese women often stop gettingtheir periods, but new research suggests weight-loss surgery canhelp regulate their monthly cycles, while also stemming excessivehair growth and skin problems that often accompany significantweight gain. "Obesity is a huge problem in the United States," said study authorChandhana Paka, a fellow in minimally invasive gynecologicalsurgery at Stanford University School of Medicine. "We wanted tosee if bariatric surgery [weight-loss surgery] was a solution tohelping restore menstruation in morbidly obese women whose periodshave become irregular or disappeared." She said hormonal changes that occur when women reach a highbody-mass index (BMI) -- production of more male hormones, forexample -- can lead to menstrual disturbances. BMI is a calculationbased on weight and height.
Paka, who was a resident at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center inNew York City when she conducted the study in 2008 and 2009, andher colleagues were scheduled to present their research this weekat the annual meeting of the American College of Obstetricians andGynecologists, in San Diego. For the study, the scientists monitored 126 women planning toundergo bariatric surgery, which involves reducing stomach size tohelp patients cut back on food intake in order to reach a healthyweight. The women were between 18 and 49 years old, and not yet inperimenopause, the time approaching menopause.
Their average agewas 39, Paka said. The average BMI of the study participants was 46, well over thenormal range of about 18 to 24, said Paka. Prior to surgery, 52percent said they had regular periods; 39 percent reportedirregular periods and 22 percent reported no periods. Twelve months after surgery, Paka said, the average BMI was down to33, and 99 percent who had previously reported irregular menses hadstarted having regular periods again. 4Ft LED Tube
Close to 82 percent ofpreviously amenorrheic women (those having no periods at all) hadstarted having regular menses, too. "We saw women who within a month after surgery were having theirperiods again. The majority of obese women who had irregular or nomenstruation before surgery reported regular monthly periods aftersurgery," said Paka. "We were surprised to see how fast that canhappen." She said many also experienced a reduction in excess hair growth,hair loss (alopecia), acne, and a skin condition called acanthosisnigricans -- a darkening that can appear in the folds of the skin,around the neck and underarms, for example. Dr. T8 LED Tubes
Thomas Price, an associate professor of reproductiveendocrinology and fertility at Duke University Medical Center inDurham, N.C., said the findings aren't surprising. "All of the results are easily explainable by the hormone changesassociated with weight loss," he said. He explained that as weightloss occurs, hormonal balance improves. Price said the study doesn't touch on the other health problemsassociated with a high BMI. "It doesn't get into the increase inhypertension that goes along with obesity, the increase inarthritis because of trauma to the joints, the increase in sleepapnea that can lead to hypertension and heart disease. China Outdoor LED Flood Lights
The risk forendometrial cancer goes up. There's no joking around with the risksassociated with obesity," he said. "There is not a downside to weight loss through bariatric surgery,"Price added, but he noted that women wishing to get pregnant shoulddiscuss how long to wait post-surgery before trying to conceive.Sometimes a year's wait is recommended, he said. He also saidhealth insurance doesn't always cover the procedure. Paka pointed out that bariatric surgery is not necessarily asolution for overweight women with fertility issues, but it's oneavenue women can discuss with their obstetricians.
Diet andexercise are always an ideal approach to weight reduction, Pakaadded. She said an obstetrician/gynecologist is often the only physician awoman sees regularly, and preventive care -- which includes helpingpatients reach a healthy weight -- needs to be tackled by theOB/GYN. "If the gynecologist is the gatekeeper of a woman's health, thatmeans it's our responsibility to say, 'Hey, you're having someproblems with your weight. Are you exercising enough? Are youeating well?' said Paka.
But sometimes so many illnesses areoccurring at the same time, she added, "that though I don't thinkit should be what we run to, bariatric surgery is an option thatneeds to be available." Data and conclusions presented at meetings should be consideredpreliminary until published in a peer-reviewed medical journal. More information The U.S. National Library of Medicine has more about weight-loss surgery . SOURCES: Chandhana Paka, M.D., fellow, minimally invasivegynecological surgery, Stanford University School of Medicin, PalAlto, Calif.; Thomas Price, M.D., associate professor, reproductiveendocrinology and fertility, Duke University Medical Center,Durham, N.C.; May 7, 2012, presentation, American College ofObstetricians and Gynecologists annual meeting, San Diego Copyright © 2012 HealthDay.
All rights reserved.

Arthritis, cancer: new screening technique yields elusive compoundsto block immune-regulating enzyme

The new study, published recently by the journal ACS Chemical Biology , describes new compounds that inhibit an important enzyme calledPRMT1 (protein arginine methyltransferase 1). The new inhibitorswill be useful to scientists who study PRMT1-related biologicalpathways in cells and who are developing drug treatments forPRMT1-related inflammatory conditions and cancers. Standard screening techniques had been unable to distinguishbetween compounds that inhibit PRMT1 and those that inhibit othercommon PRMT family enzymes. In the new study, scientists fromseveral Scripps Research laboratories collaborated to devise thefirst PRMT1-specific screening technique. "We were able totarget a screening probe to a specific amino acid found on PRMT1,but not on most other PRMT enzymes," said the study'sprincipal investigator Scripps Research Assistant Professor KerriA.
Mowen. Mowen has been studying PRMT1 since her graduate school days, and,like others in the field, has been acutely aware of the need forselective PRMT1 inhibitors. The enzyme modifies the functionalityof proteins by attaching a methyl group to their arginine aminoacids; as such, it is involved in some of the most basic processesin cells. For example, Mowen and her colleagues showed in 2004 thatPRMT1 helps drive the production of the key immune-stimulatingproteins interferon-gamma and interleukin-4.
But although PRMT1 was known to be responsible for nearly all thearginine methylation that goes in mammalian cells, no one had beenable to develop selective PRMT1 inhibitors, since the 10 other PRMTenzymes are nearly identical, structurally and biochemically. Eventhe removal of PRMT1's gene from lab mice as an alternative way tostudy its functions was problematic, since mouse embryos can'tsurvive without the protein. Inspiration Close By The inspiration for the new PRMT1-selective screening techniquecame from research performed in the neighboring laboratory ofco-author Benjamin F. Cravatt III, who chairs the Scripps ResearchDepartment of Chemical Physiology. As reported in 2010 in thejournal Nature , Cravatt and his team screened tens of thousands of human andmouse proteins for the presence of hyper-reactive cysteine aminoacids, which almost certainly mark functional sites on thoseproteins. T8 LED Tubes
PRMT1 was found to be one of thereactive-cysteine-containing proteins -- and all but one other,comparatively rare PRMT enzyme was known to lack that cysteine. "We took that discovery a step further, and we were able tofind a probe that specifically would recognize that cysteine inPRMT1," said Mowen, who was one of Cravatt's collaborators onthe 2010 study. She and her colleagues first verified that the reactive cysteine inPRMT1 is in the active site of the enzyme. They then found afluorescent probe that would bind to that cysteine. SMD LED Tube
If a testcompound acted as an inhibitor by fastening to PRMT1's active site,it should interfere with the probe's binding, and the probe'sfluorescence-based signal therefore should be lower. By contrast,if a test compound failed to bind to PRMT1's active site, the probeshould bind normally and its signal should remain elevated. "We were able to verify, using available non-specificinhibitors of PRMT enzymes, that they did indeed bind to PRMT1 andprevent the probe from binding, and that was the proof-of-conceptthat enabled us to go ahead with a screen," said Myles B. C.Dillon, a graduate student in Mowen's lab who was lead author ofthe study. Exploring Libraries of Potential Dillon and Mowen turned to collaborator Scripps Research ProfessorHugh Rosen, curator of a library of 16,000 chemical compounds knownas the Maybridge Hitfinder Collection. China T8 LED Tubes
By applying these compounds,one by one, along with the probe molecule, to solutions of PRMT1,the team was able to determine the compounds' abilities to bindPRMT1's active site and thus act as inhibitors. Importantly, thesetup was simple enough to be adapted, with Rosen's help, as anautomated, "high-throughput" technique, capable ofscreening thousands of compounds. In this way, the scientists were able to sift through the compoundlibrary to find two candidate PRMT1-selective inhibitors."They have good efficacy and specificity, and we might be ableto modify them to make them even better," said Dillon. Mowen, Dillon, and their colleagues now have a National Institutesof Health (NIH) grant to use their screening technique with a300,000-compound NIH library, also curated at Scripps Research."Once we get the results from this larger screen, we'llconsider our best inhibitor compounds and decide which ones tostart optimizing," said Dillon. To Mowen, the success of the project owes much to the collaborativespirit at Scripps Research.
"Many labs here are developingcutting-edge technologies that empower other labs' work, andcertainly we were able to benefit from that," she said."It's a very supportive, synergistic environment.".

5 reasons the sell off sets up a gold buying opportunity - holmes - Rechargeable LED Floodlight Manufacturer

SAN ANTONIO (U.S. Global Investors) - There was a strong reaction on Tuesday to the elevated debt crisisin Europe, with commodities and equities being indiscriminatelysold. Gold fell 3 percent this week, losing its safe haven statusas the dollar grew stronger and the 10-year government note headedlower. he markets generally overreact to negative news, however, investorsshould keep in mind gold's normal monthly historical volatility.Throughout the past 20 years of monthly returns, the precious metalgenerally increased only 0.5 percent in May, and has historicallydeclined in June and July. SMD LED Tube
Facts don't thwart the short-term pain, yet as contrarian investorBaron Rothschild said, "the time to buy is when there's blood inthe streets." Here are five reasons we believe today's sell-offsets up a buying opportunity for gold: It is precisely the debt strangling the eurozone which will drivegold demand over the longer term. The side effect to the abundanceof printing by central banks in the U.S., Europe, Japan and Englandis bloated balance sheets amounting to nearly $8 trillion. This isdouble the amount that it was only three and a half years ago. Several developed markets have negative real interest rates andthese rates are anticipated to remain negative for years to come.Historically, when the inflationary rate is greater than thecurrent short-term interest rate, gold prices rose. Rechargeable LED Floodlight Manufacturer
Emerging market central banks continued their gold buying spree inMarch. UBS Investment Research says that Mexico bought 16.8 tons,Russia bought 15.6 tons and Turkey added 11.5 tons. Additionalsmall purchases were made by Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Wewrote a few months ago that central banks have begun accumulating gold reserves since theFederal Reserve cut interest rates in 2007, and HSBC GlobalResearch expects this buying trend to continue for another fiveyears. SMD LED Tube
In March, China's gold shipments grew to 62.9 tons, which is thethird largest volume of gold in a decade from Hong Kong to themainland, according to UBS. With ongoing rising demand, China may overtake India this year as the world's largest gold buyer. India's government abolished the excise duty on gold jewelry. Thiswas one of the reasons for the jewelers' strike, which drove gold imports to decrease 55 percent in India a few months back. Getting rid of the tax shouldencourage the restocking of gold and bring Indian gold buyers backto the market.
UBS reported on May 9 that Indian buying onyesterday's dip was nearly twice the average daily volume and the"strongest since April 17." Over the past decade, these Fear Trade and Love Trade drivers havespurred gold higher, even as the yellow metal experiencedshort-term corrections along the way. Only hindsight could show howthese corrections set up buying opportunities. Frank Holmes is the CEO and CIO at US Global Investors SUBSCRIBE to's free daily newsletter now.

President taps general dubie to be deputy commander of northcom - LED Flat Panel Lighting Manufacturer

For immediate release May 10, 2012 Contact Ali Peterson (Leahy) . . . Head Of The Vermont Guard Nominated To #2 Post In U.S.Military s Homeland Defense Mission (THURSDAY, May 10) The Vermont Congressional Delegationannounced Thursday that President Obama has tapped the AdjutantGeneral of the Vermont National Guard, Major General Michael Dubie,for a top post in the U.S.
military s homeland defense mission.General Dubie has been nominated to be the next Deputy Commander ofthe United States Northern Command (NORTHCOM), the military sunified command in charge of protecting U.S. territory andproviding military support for civil authorities in the event of anational emergency. Senator Patrick Leahy (D), Senator BernieSanders (I) and Representative Peter Welch (D) report that thenomination has been sent to the U.S. Senate, and they said theywill push for its prompt consideration and confirmation. If confirmed, Dubie, who has served as Vermont s senior uniformedofficer since 2007, would become a three-star general.
He would bethe second general from the ranks of the National Guard to fill thenumber two position at NORTHCOM. Leahy, who chairs the SenateNational Guard Caucus, succeeded in enacting reforms that set asidethis position for National Guard general officers in Leahy sNational Guard Empowerment Act of 2008. If confirmed, Dubie, who has served as Vermont s senior uniformedofficer since 2006, would become a three-star general. He would bethe third general from the ranks of the National Guard to fill thenumber two position at NORTHCOM. Leahy, who chairs the SenateNational Guard Caucus, succeeded in enacting reforms that set asidethis position for National Guard general officers in Leahy sNational Guard Empowerment Act of 2008. T5 LED Tube
Leahy said, This is a vital and sensitive role, and the Presidenthas made a wise choice. General Dubie is a proven leader. Incommanding the Guard in Irene s wake, during the Vermont Guard smajor deployment to Afghanistan in 2010, and in maintaining one ofthe most responsive Guards in the nation, he has met everychallenge. My only regret is that the nation s gain is our loss ofa truly outstanding Adjutant General. LED Flat Panel Lighting Manufacturer
The good news is that the Northern Command will soon have anoutstanding deputy commander. The bad news is that the state ofVermont is going to lose a man who has served the people of Vermontand members of the National Guard with extraordinary devotion andability. In one of the most demanding times in the modern historyof the Vermont National Guard, Mike Dubie has not only beenenormously successful as a military commander, he has shown greatdevotion to Vermont National Guard members and their families. Heis going to be sorely missed, Sanders said. Rechargeable LED Floodlight Manufacturer
Welch said, President Obama could not have picked a more capableor deserving individual for this job. General Dubie led the VermontGuard through some of its greatest challenges in Iraq andAfghanistan. He was there to train Vermonters before they left,guide them through their deployments, welcome them home when theyreturned and console them when they grieved. He served us well andmade us proud.
His moving on is a great loss for Vermont. But Ihave no doubt he will continue to serve the nation with the samehonor and distinction in this new post. General Dubie s nomination has been referred to the Senate ArmedServices Committee. To be confirmed, the nomination must beapproved by that panel and then by the full Senate.
If confirmed,General Dubie will vacate the Adjutant General position in Vermont,to be filled by the Vermont Legislature during its next session.

Los angeles property management company the madison real estategroup leads industry in mobile readiness

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 10, 2012 Property management for multifamily housing and commercial properties being serviced by The Madison RealEstate Group now have access to immediate high tech solutions thatwill save them time and reduce their liability. Portfolio managersand leasing agents are now equipped with iPads in the field, whichallows them to take pictures documenting property concerns andimmediately email or post those images. The Madison Real Estate Group has also implemented an Email Notice Rider allowing them to servetenants via email on the spot. While other managers are still thumbing away on their smartphones,Madison Real Estate managers are conducting real time move outinspections by documenting any repairs needed with both picturesand tenant signatures. The iPad allows them to submit repairrequests sooner, ensuring timely turnovers and minimizing lostrent. SMD LED Tube
Putting iPads in the hands of our representatives enables them togive our tenants piece of mind around the clock, says Jacqueline Kimaz , vice president of The Madison Real Estate Group. Everything isreal time these days and our company should be ahead of the curvein order to better serve our clients. Kimaz also stated that thebenefits of timely communication help the residents, as well as theproperty owners. Life and safety problems can now be addressed right away, as thesemanagers are now able to submit the work orders onsite, thusreducing liability. LED Recessed Ceiling Lights Manufacturer
The iPads also have the potential to helpreduce vacancies as agents can upload property photos and shareslide shows to online rental sites immediately after rent readyinspections are complete. Additionally, if a prospective resident doesnt like the unit beingshown, the leasing agent can now give a real time demo of otherproperties in the owners portfolio, saving them drive time which,in a city like Los Angeles is worth its weight in gold. Time willno longer be wasted on sending prospective tenants paperwork andwaiting on a deposit either. Leasing agreements and deposits cannow be completed on location. China PIR LED Floodlight
About The Madison Real Estate Group The Madison Real Estate Group is an entrepreneurial and experiencedfull service multifamily and commercial real estate company with offices in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Phoenix, that serves asa trusted advisor to financial institutions and private investors.We have built our reputation by offering innovative solutions toour clients property management needs, adding value to theirportfolios, and consistently exceeding their expectations forservice and performance. Read the full story at releases/lapropertymanagement/laapartmentmanagement/prweb9493820.htm .

University of pittsburgh geologists map prehistoric climate changesin canada's yukon territory

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have joined aninternational group of scientists to study past climate changes inthe Arctic. Comprising geologists from Pitt's Department of Geologyand Planetary Science, the team has analyzed sedimentary andgeochemical records of water-level changes in Rantin Lake, locatedin the boreal forest of Canada's southeastern Yukon Territory. The results were published online in the April issue of Journal ofPaleolimnology as one of 18 articles dedicated to reconstructingArctic lake sediments climate and environmental changes during theHolocene (about 12,000 years before present day). "During the last 10,000 years, there have been certain times inwhich rapid climate change events occurred," said David Pompeani,lead author and a Pitt PhD geology student. "By analyzing RantinLake, we've contributed a piece of the puzzle toward mapping thetiming and magnitude of these prehistoric events throughout theArctic." Rantin Lake is part of a watershed containing a series of smalllakes hydrologically connected through groundwater flow. T8 LED Tubes
Theregional climate is subarctic and characterized by warm, wetsummers and dry, cold winters. The lake is located at 60 degreesnorth in the Canadian Arctic, only 30 degrees away from the NorthPole, where climate change is expected to be amplified. In July 2006, the Pitt team-including Mark Abbott, associateprofessor of geology and planetary science, and Byron Steinman, aformer PhD geology student (now a postdoctoral researcher at PennState University)-collected two sediment cores from the lake foranalysis. The sediment cores were split and analyzed for paleoclimate proxyindicators, including geochemical composition, sedimentarystructure, and macrofossil content (that which is visible without amicroscope). China SMD LED Tube
The amount of water in a lake is directly related to its depth.Therefore, a loss in water during droughts is recorded by drop inlake levels, whereas wet periods are characterized by deep waters. Using these proxy indicators, the researchers were able to makeinferences about past variations in the balance betweenprecipitation and evaporation in the southern Yukon. A comparison of the lake-level proxies with a previously developedfossil pollen record from the same lake found that rapid vegetationchanges over the Holocene also occurred during shifts in theprecipitation/evaporation balance, suggesting hydrologic conditionsplayed an integral role in the evolution of the Yukon's ecosystem. The development of unique shallow-water sediment at the deep-watercore site indicated that lake levels dropped significantly during a"megadrought" in the early Holocene. "About 8,400 years ago, the lake almost dried out," said Pompeani."We documented the timing of this drought and studied itstransition to conditions more typical of what we observed in thelate Holocene." Pitt's study, says Pompeani, contributes to the long-termperspective on natural climate variability that is needed tounderstand historically unprecedented changes now occurring in theArctic. China Outdoor LED Flood Lights
Rapid changes in the Arctic climate system that occurred in therelatively recent past can be compared with climate models toimprove the understanding of the processes responsible for suchnonlinear changes. The Holocene climate project focuses on climate records from the last 8,000 years, includingtwo focus regions: eastern Beringia and the northwest Atlantic.